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Temporary Housing Solutions

We offer temporary housing that can be delivered and setup right at your residence or destination of your choice. This allows families to not have to be displaced from their homes and stuck at hotel. Our campers offer all the comforting amenities you can expect from your home including all the major kitchen appliances, smart TVs, kitchenware, and more. 


Disaster Relief 

We can respond with temporary housing trailers for not only families, but for volunteers, first responders and workers with temporary housing trailers. We also have generators to provide on-site power to the trailers.

Natural Disasters 

When natural disasters like Hurricanes strike, we can deliver a housing trailer to your homesite during the rebuilding process. Our campers can also come with portable generators until power is restored. 


Whether a victim of river flooding, storm surge or even the result of water lines bursting, we can provide temporary housing setup at your residence or desired location. 

Jobsite Housing

Needing short or long-term housing for your festival or jobsite? We can setup temporary housing trailers right on site to making better use of your time from having to drive to and from hotels. 

House Fires

House fires can be very devastating, and the cleanup and rebuilding process can take months. Our housing trailers can be setup at your residence and so you can not only monitor the rebuilding, but you will not have to be displaced at a hotel for a long period of time. 



This was our second time renting from Explore RV Rental and our experience was nothing short of excellent. Communication was fantastic and they were very accommodating! Looking forward to renting again in the future!


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